Empowered mentoring for driven founders with chronic illness

Build a business that works for you

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The Chronic Club


Miss having coworkers by your side, because ya just need someone to bounce ideas with? 
Need help with a once-off challenge?
Pick my brain for 30 mins and get clear on the next steps!

Pick my Brain


Accessible, results-driven and here to empower your success. Together we’ll tailor strategies that work for you and your chronic illness. Start taking intentional action on the most important steps to creating your dream biz.

1:1 Biz Mentoring


Ready to boost your business momentum?

Do you want to do more & achieve more but feel that your chronic illness is holding you back?

Are you craving structure, strategy and momentum towards your big goals?

Do you feel overwhelmed with ALL the to-dos?

Do you want to start taking intentional action towards creating your dream biz and life?

It's time to work with your chronic illness, instead of working against it! There. I said it.

Driven Founders like you come to me for business strategies that consider your lifestyle and limitations.

Hey, I'm Leanne. 

With over 14 years industry experience, I’ve worked in global corporations, founded multiple successful startups, helped 500+ business owners grow and overcome challenging obstacles...

I’ve also been diagnosed with Endometriosis & Adenomyosis. I've had two surgeries and still struggle with the symptoms of my chronic illnesss. (mostly that pesky little devil - fatigue!)

But over the last five years I've worked out how to make the most of my rest and recovery. I've improved my mindset and I've even grown to love my chronic illness! (I didn't even think this was a possibility).

Together let's map out your dream life, your ideal business and how you can make that a reality - of course taking your chronic illness, limitations and lifestyle into consideration!

Let's build a business that 

Stop working for your business.

works for you.

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Previously I felt overwhelmed when going to work on the business because there is always so much to do, but with Leanne's help, we have mapped out a path forward and prioritised what's important to the business growth while still maintaining life balance."

"Working with Leanne has provided me a boost in passion for working on my business.

kind words

I get it. Working with a Mentor is scary. Will they really help? Will they be the right human? Will they say hi to my dogs on Zoom?

I don't work with everyone. I don't pretend to have all the answers and I'm not a genius in everything.

So let's chat first to make sure I can help you & you're comfortable with me! 

I'm not a fan of the sales pitch so I promise there'll be none of that. Just a chat so we can get to know each other. 

(Also, yes. I will absolutely say hello to your dogs on Zoom.)

Wanna know if we'd be the right fit?

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