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Get to know your newest biz supporter

Your days are filled with client work. You're stuck on how you could possibly grow your own business with the little time you have. You're underpaying yourself and could earn more by getting a job for someone else. Heck, you feel like you already have a job, rather than a business.

Didn't you start this thing for freedom? 
To set your own hours and do what lights you up?
To have an impact on the people you work with?
To have uncapped income and opportunities?

But you're stuck. Unsure of your next steps and growth plans.

You're a driven founder that's ready to build a business that works for you.

Great news, fellow founder.

Together, we can rewrite your business story.

Sure, you've ended up in a never-ending hole of client work. You've found yourself wondering how the heck it happened.

Wanna know how?

Because you're amazing at what you do! You should be proud of yourself!

The good news is - YOU own your business and you can change things up #sighofrelief

Sometimes though, it's tricky to see a way out when you're in the depths of your own world. All you see is the next project deadline, the overflowing inbox and the weekends spent catching up on everything.

That's where I come in. You'll answer some in depth questions before we work together and I'll spot the patterns and sneaky signs of what you truly want. Then? We get to work. We take action. And soon enough, you'll have more time - to do the things you love.

Previously I felt overwhelmed when going to work on the business because there is always so much to do, but with Leanne's help, we have mapped out a path forward and prioritised what's important to the business growth while still maintaining life balance."

"Working with Leanne has provided me a boost in passion for working on my business.

kind words

Let's create the strategy you need.

Ready to build the biz of your dreams?