Create a plan.
Take intentional action. Achieve your goals.

Your 6-week

Feeling like you're going round in circles and not making progress

Wanting to fast-track a project or goal for your biz

A procrastinator

A biz owner

The accountability sprint is perfect if you're:

Finding your goals being pushed back after client work, family life, chronic illness flares & everything else that pops up!

As a biz owner, you don’t have a boss telling you, “I need this on my desk by 10am today!”

Okay, you do – but it’s you. So let’s be honest, how many times has client work or your personal life nudged it out of the way – on repeat?

Damn it. Sometimes you just want someone to hold you accountable. To answer to, so your biz doesn’t skip three months of marketing, process improvements or that project you’ve been dreaming about for months (years?) because something always (always!) gets in the way. 

If you find yourself caught up in the client grind, pushing your own aspirations to the side, forgetting about your own goals and biz dreams – this is the 6-week challenge to get you cheering!

Integrate your biz goals into your week alongside client work (& rest!) so you can achieve your goals, keep your business humming and take care of yourself! #thatsthedream

It's time to take intentional action!  

It’s time for your biz to sliiide into the driver’s seat

Take intentional, accelerated, results-driven action

With frequent accountability, you can:

Deep-dive into a core area of your biz

Feel connected and supported along your path to growth

Tick off the work you've been procrastinating

Have the perks of an outsourced boss

Fast-track your outcomes

Achieve more without burning out

Bring your business goals and to-dos outta the ‘not now’ basket and into your weekly reality. 

You might be working towards launching a new course, beta testing a new service or even getting your systems and team up to scratch so you can take a freakin’ holiday!

Whatever your goal - let's work together to accelerate your growth (without you burning out or having a flare up) by taking intentional weekly action.

Welcome to your

 Accountability Sprint

kale, lightbox consulting

Leading up to launching my new service I felt overwhelmed due to the amount of moving parts behind the scenes. Working with Leanne helped me to find a clear direction forward and make an actionable plan. The check ins also made sure I was on track. The result for me was I actually was able to launch my service earlier and with a better setup than I was envisioning from the start. I will definitely be taking part again in the future. Leanne has a fantastic ability to quickly understand a business idea, how it fits into the overall operations and be your cheerleader as you put it into place.

tasha, spindrift stories & spindrift collections

I loved being part of Action Takers. It really helped me achieve my goals and get my overwhelming workload under control. I loved the weekly checkins and accountability. It really helped me stay on track of my tasks and feel as though I had a team member keeping me accountable. I achieved so much during the action takers program! I 100% recommend it!

jessi, elephant pigeon communications

The Accountability Sprint was exactly what I needed to stop overthinking something I'd been tossing up for a while and just start the work. The initial session with Leanne only being 45 minutes long was a total blessing - having someone else look at what I needed to do in simple terms and ruthlessly (but with love!) assigning milestone dates made it feel so much easier. The accountability of those dates and the weekly check-ins made all the difference in helping consistently prioritise my own business without worrying my clients would suffer or get upset - instead they benefited from a more motivated me! I got SO much more done than I could have expected, and held two extra public workshops. I have no doubt it would all still be an idea without the Accountability Sprint.

kind words

Procrastinating to action taking

Client work only to chasing your own dreams

Doing it alone to cutting down scroll time on your phone

Biz on the back burner to ticking off goals sooner

Feeling stuck at the station to timeline transformations

The Accountability Sprint supports you to accelerate from:

Regular checkins means there’s no room for procrastination. It’s kinda our favourite part about accountability!

2-3 x per week

You might be busy or you might be resting.
And I respect that!
 So other than your initial and wrap up sessions, all accountability coaching will be done over Voxer.

voice notes

1:1 accountability

Work on things in a confidential bubble, so even if it’s a surprise to the world – you’ll have someone to push you there!

Compound your results.
Hit your goals.
A little bit each day goes a long way.

Think of it like a 6-week gym challenge for your biz

You’ll receive another voice note check in to see how you’re goin’, if you’ve ticked off everything you said you would and if so – we’ll celebrate with ya!

week 2-5


week 2-5

You meet with Leanne for 45-minutes over Zoom. Together, we map out your 6-week plan and identify your one core focus and set out deadlines for your tasks to get there.

Strategy Sesh

Meet with Leanne over Zoom for a 15 minute reflection session to review the past 6 weeks, celebrate everything you’ve achieved and debrief!

Reflection Sesh

week 6

If you hadn’t achieved this week’s goal by Thursday, I’ll send a voice check in for your final push to tick those rascals off your list!


Your accountability coach will personally check in with you over voice notes every Monday to ask what you’re working on this week and when you’re gonna do it. 


week 2-5
week 1

What's inside the Accountability Sprint?

Ready to boost your productivity?

3 x fortnightly payments of 

best value

most flexible

$197 AUD


one upfront payment of

$527 AUD


Save $64!

frequently asked questions

Can we brainstorm stuff?

No. The Accountability Sprint is purely dedicated to you getting stuff done, so you won’t be coached and I won’t be giving advice. For all your brainstorm questions, either book a Pick Leanne's brain session, or select a mentoring package.

Can I change my goals along the way?

Of course! I know ideas and directions can change on the reg. The point here is to take intentional action for your biz on a supercharged schedule!

I'm feeling overwhelmed on how to achieve my big goal, will you help with this?

Yes. In our first session, we’ll map out your plan for the 6 weeks ahead so it’s clear in your mind. I'm not here to make decisions for you, but to make sure you do the work! The overarching goal and tasks are up to you, but I'll definitely help you break it down into actionable chunks.

I have a chronic illness so I'm inconsistent with my work hours and capacity. Will this be a good fit for me?

I totally get it (Endo Warrior over here!). This is the perfect option for you. Firstly - we use voice notes and you can chat to me from your bed #win. Secondly, the way we work is I check in with you multiple times throughout the week. That means we can reshuffle things if you have an unexpected flare up. We'll also take your average capacity into consideration when creating your plan for the six weeks. Trust me - I gotchu!

Got another question?

More than happy to answer. Send me an email and I'll get back to ya quick sticks!