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Get to know your newest biz supporter

You spend your flare days worrying and the days you feel good (YAY) are then spent catching up from your flare days. It's a vicious circle, isn't it?!

You're stuck on how you could possibly grow your own business with the little time you have. 

You're underpaying yourself and could earn more by getting a job for someone else. Problem is, with your chronic illness - you couldn't even keep a bloody job!

A business can be an incredible tool to creating a life that works for you. But it's a journey to get it to that place.

But you're stuck. Unsure of your next steps and growth plans.

You're a driven founder that's ready to build a business that works for you.

Well great news, fellow founder.

We can take that journey, together.

Sure, you've ended up in a never-ending hole of to-do's. You feel like it's always one step forward, two steps back. Feeling like you can never quite make much progress.

I'm here to tell you - it's possible.

It's possible to move closer to your goals every month. It's possible to work with your chronic illness and embrace your situation, rather than hating every part of it.

Sometimes though, it's tricky to see how when you're in the depths of your own world. All you see is the next deadline, the overflowing inbox and the days and nights spent trying to catch up on everything.

That's where I come in.

Once I learn more about you, your business, your goals and your chronic illness, I can help you take intentional action to create bigger impact.

Leanne suffers from Endometriosis & Adenomyosis. This means that she spends at least one week of every month, in bed resting & letting her body fight its fight. Leanne has become pretty good at allowing this to happen but it wasn't always this way.

As a self-diagnosed workaholic, it's taken a lot of practice and time to become okay with rest. In fact, Leanne now uses it to her advantage. If you're looking for a Mentor that understands life happens too - Leanne's your gal!

Leanne has achieved all of this, whilst also suffering from chronic illness.

did you know?

Let's Deep Dive!

Accessible, results-driven and here to empower your success.

We'll work together to build the business & life of your dreams!

With Leanne's understanding of chronic illness and necessary rest, you'll have her in your corner to create strategies that align with your circumstances, capacity & values, she'll push you to your individual limit and she'll be cheering you on everyday.

Intro Price - $888 +GST per month

Minimum of 3 months so we can make real progress!

Ready to get to work with Leanne in your corner?

What's included?

  • Initial 75 minute Strategy Session - this is where we lay it all out, get to know each other and work out a plan moving forward
  • Unlimited access to me via Voxer (voice messaging) - this is a great opportunity to have me in your pocket. You can message me for pep talk when you're having a 'meh' day, when you've got some energy and a million and one ideas to bounce and I'll check in with you every week to keep you on track too.
  • 1 x 45 minute check-in every quarter - After 3 months working together, we'll have a Zoom check-in to reflect on what's been working, what's not working and what the plan is for the next quarter.
  • Exclusive invites to in person events (for my clients only) to meet like-minded people, build relationships and enjoy delicious food & drinks.

Let's get started!

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