Tune in and join me (Leanne) as I chat to fellow founders about their epic business journeys.

Behind the Business Blinds:
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Behind the Business Blinds has been created to share honest conversations with our favourite founders to learn about their business journey, their lessons, and their greatest achievements. 

Business life isn't easy so these conversations are designed to share the ups and downs, to help you feel less alone. And to inspire and motivate you to keep going!

Occasional rants and swear words

Lots of laughs

Business advice for entrepreneurs

Lessons and learnings

Honest convos with our fave founders

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The real reason I took a hiatus


Interview with Tina Tower


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- Apple Podcasts reviewer

We can learn SO much from each others wins and failures so it's great to hear where people have started and how far they have come through all the challenges."

"I love the rawness and vulnerability in people sharing their business journey.

- Apple Podcasts reviewer

...if you're feeling lost in endless comparison or feeling down about your process on your business journey. It's so refreshing to hear someone probe entrepreneurs about their lessons and failures."

"Leanne is just a ball of wisdom you'll welcome in your ear holes...

- Apple Podcasts reviewer

...they give such a great insight into what running a biz is really like, what we can learn and also enjoyed a few laughs listening in to! Can't wait for more episodes."

"Love listening to these podcasts...

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CEO. Mentor. Business obsessed. Founder supporter. A little bit sweary. Coffee addicted. Dog Mum. Wife to high school sweetheart. 

I created Behind the Business Blinds because I want founders like you to feel less alone when things are going wrong. Or when you feel like you can't keep up. I want you to know it's a journey to success and it sure as heck isn't gonna happen overnight.

You've got this. We've got this. 

And if you need more support - please reach out! I'm just an email away.

Hey, I'm Leanne.

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